It is essential for every muslim to have knowledge about Islamic laws because no muslim can lead his life according to Islam without the knowledge of Islamic rules.

Neither Islam is only collection of some worships nor it has only some theories about spirituality, God and Hereafter like other religions. But it is a perfect religion; it covers all aspects of the life and gives guidance to the human being in all situations that one faces in life. Therefore its laws are vast and cover all parts of human life.

Islam is a perfect religion so it does not explain only methods of worship but also it throws lights toward the laws of physical cleanness, spiritual purification, buying and selling, marriage and divorce, transaction and all other matters that are related to human being.

It is mandatory to a muslim who wants to lead his life according to Islamic laws to know Islamic rules of all the matters that come during his life. Now the situations have been completely changed in the modern age. Explosion of different cultures and mixing of different societies have created a new environment, industrial revolution has made the technology a essential part of human life and communication methods have changed the whole world .Thus different kind of new problems have been created in their different figures and shapes rather there are some such matters which have not been described in the holy Quoran ,Hadiths or other feqhi books in detail. What should a muslim do in such situation if he faces such problems?

In the view of these conditions this website has been launched and it has been enriched with the lawful solutions of different problems of current age for the muslims of whole world in easy and simple language so that people can understand them easily.

Every one feel free to ask Islamic questions with any hesitation, Inshah Allah answers will be given according to the holy Quoran ,hadiths and other feqhi Books.

It should be clear that this website contains lawful matters of Hanafi school (maslak)but any muslim who is follower of Maleki, Hanbali or Shafaee school (maslak) can make query. Inshah Allah answer will be given according to his maslak.

The contents of the web site can be used for religious purpose without any amendment or change only after acknowledging the source
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